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Sights & Seeings 

Larabanga mosque

In the town of Larabanga you can find the oldest mosque in Ghana and one of the oldest in West Africa. It has been referred to as the "Mecca of West Africa". 

The mosque has an old Quran, believed by the locals to have been given as a gift from heaven in 1650. 

Mole National Park 

Mole National Park is with its acreage of 5000 square metres the biggest national park in Ghana and therefore the perfect place for a safari tour!

This park is most famous for its elephant population. They are often spotted at the side of the road and love to pose for your instagram pictures. 

You can discover this beautiful park by car or by foot escorted by a professional guide. 

From Mole National Park you can also visit Mognori ecovillage, where you can discover the way people live in the Northern part of Ghana. You can take a boat trip on the Mole River, make products of sheabutter and see the village life from a rooftop.

Also visit...


Tamale is the capital of the Northern part of Ghana. It is called the fastest-growing city in West Africa. It is predominantly Muslim and has warmer temperatures. Experience the cultural and historical city or visit some of the traditional villages around Tamale.


Discover the biggest market of Ghana, Kejetia Market, known as the most busy market you have ever seen. You can also visit the Manhyia Palace Museum of the Kumasi chief or the busy cultural centre.


Bolgatanga was once the southernmost point of the ancient trans-Saharan trading route. The road to Bolgatanga is rough but worth the experience. A great destination and close to Paga, where you can visit the sacred crocodile pond.

Wechiau Hippo Sanctuary

The Wechiau Hippo Sanctuary is a protected nature reserve of 40 km next to the Black Volta River. It is an amazing place to see wildlife and has more than 200 species of birds. 

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